Amongst monks, guilds and nosy neighbours

 Medieval painting with festive guests in a tavern. A fight between two women has broken out.
Life during medieval times could be dirty, loving, argumentative and bliss. Painting: Brunswick Monogrammist (anonymous artist), 1537.
Tuesday, September 26


Guide: Ebba Bursell, museum educator

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Join the Medieval Museum in a city-walk and discover the early history of Stockholm.

Along the narrow streets of Old Town, up on the facades and right among the cobble stones we find clues to life in medieval Stockholm. During our walk, we hear about the city’s residents and temporary visitors. We listen to stories of everyday life, festivities, piety and merciless punishment. And along the way we most likely will pick-up a few new dirty words.

The tour ends with a visit to Blackfriars’ cellar where some miracles are said to have happened.

This walk in the Old Town is a long-running classic since 15 continous years. It was earlier titled “Life, lust and lapses in medieval Stockholm”.

Walks summer 2017

Tuesday June 6 & 20 at 6—7.30pm
Tuesday July 4 & 18 at 6—7.30pm

Tuesday August 1, 15 & 29 at 6—7.30pm
Tuesday September 12 & 26 at 6—7.30pm


This walk is not accessible for people using wheelchairs or strollers.